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Therapy for Self-Esteem/Identity Issues & Personal Meaning

mental health

One of the biggest challenges in this journey of life is confronting one’s own existence. Sometimes we can feel so empty, stuck, worthless and meaningless for no obvious reason. I believe that in order to explore your self-esteem, identity and meaning, we need to first help you create space for yourself. We will learn and practice boundary setting, self-grounding, and self-care to help you feel safe and calm. We will talk about your inner voice, how you see yourself, and your own meaning searching process. You will learn to trust yourself and your internal compass through practicing creative grounding techniques and forming positive self-narratives. I will utilize the Existential Therapy approach, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to help you empower yourself to feel more confident, independent and connected.


Individual and Couple/Family Therapy: $200 - $300

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